Everyday Something

Today’s adventure as captured by my neighbor. Used with permission.

Yes, I find myself agreeing, it is always something.

Every day there is something: grief, joy, loss, laughter, good news, an accident. You never know.

This is only metaphor for my Wim Hof practice of cold submersion. I promise, this is not turning into Cat’s Daily Wim Hof blog…not yet, anyway.

Take today for example. It was a solid 42.6 degrees F as captured by the neighbor who joins me for my morning dip.

The mist greets me as I enter the lake. It’s like stepping into a dream. If I didn’t feel the familiar mud between my toes and chill of the water, I would not believe it was real.

The mist gives my world an ethereal quality. All of life is ephemeral I am reminded. We are but mist.

Yes, is my only thought as I enter the water.

I may feel groggy, but somehow I start to believe, it is great to be alive.

I did my usual dip up to my neck and then paddled around for a bit. Nothing big or fancy.

Just feeling alive. Join me.

I had noticed two geese across the cove before I stepped into the water. There is almost always some sort of water fowl. Last year, a pair of swans nested across the lake.

As I climbed out, a great SQUAWKING! came across the lake. Brad, my neighbor/photographer turned and clicked.

I laughed.

“Did you get it? The swan chasing the goose?”

“I might have,” he said looking into his camera.

Yes, every day is something. And we never know what. Today it was a swan chasing a goose on the water of Lake Beseck. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

The good news? He did capture it in the above picture. Enjoy!

By Catstrav

Reindeer handler. NDT tech. Mother of four. Aspiring astronaut.


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