Battle Ground

I had hoped to land back in CT, where I have 2 kids and would be closer to my parents, following graduation from tech school.

Like usual, I made God laugh by telling Her my plans.

I heard of an opening at Caterpillar in the Large Engine facility in Lafayette, IN and took the liberty to ask if I could come by for my interview. I knew it was outside of Chicago by about 2 hours and I had a friend I could stay with in that area.

I made good time, despite crossing a time zone, on the morning of my appointment. I saw a brown sign for Prophettstown State Park when I was close to Lafayette, and said to myself, If I don’t stop now, I’ll probably never see this place. So I pulled in.

Following a winding country road, I landed amidst a beautiful hardwood forest with a monument echoing the Washington Memorial, paying tribute to the many fallen cavalry that died on these grounds, during the Battle of Tippecanoe. http://battle of tippecanoe memorial

Tecumseh, a Native American Shawnee was attempting to assemble a confederacy of tribes at Prophettstown. This was probably one of the last, best efforts to overthrow the white man as he overtook the West. Tecumseh’s brother, known as the Prophet, struggled with a well-known drinking problem, and upon Tecumseh’s absence, informed the many warriors assembled that he had a vision. In his vision they would fight the white men, but bullets would not be able to penetrate the warriors.

What a bunch of bison dung. Unfortunately, for all the warriors assembled who fought and lost on Nov. 7, 1811.

I had a lovely walk along the river on the trails, passing a tiny chapel and nature center on the property. If I don’t get this job, it was worth the trip, at least.

I landed that job.

The irony? I also landed in Battle Ground, and the memorial became my backyard.

By Catstrav

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