Answered Prayer

I go to school with mainly men, young men, most are between the ages of 18-30, with a few mature fellows thrown in for good measure.

They were the first friends I made in MN. And they have been good friends, too. They find a reason to laugh almost every day and that helps in the lab.

A number of them ride motorcycles and it is understandable. The roads here are flat and straight. The biggest decision is whether or not to pass the single truck you might encounter while doing 65 mph.

It is not like the Northeast. Plus, in nice weather, after a MN winter, it feels extra special to be outdoors.

So when they started talking motorcycles in the lab, I mentioned to one of my friends that I wanted to go on a ride and he said he would take me. I was giddy. He said we needed to wait until the weather improved and I would need a helmet. We drove into a motorcycle store in the TC to look around. He asked, “If you were going to buy a bike, which one would it be?”

The Ducati of course. It looks like something Spiderman would ride, it sports my colors – black and red and it’s Italian. Perfect. Check it out.

Then, I got the internship in Texas. UGH.

I was not happy. Minnesota summers are not long enough. I was a bit annoyed to put it bluntly. And by now you know me – I let the good Lord know. I was counting on that motorcycle ride. Counting on it. Dreaming about the wind in my hair and oh, yeah, it wouldn’t be bad to hold on to another body either. 😉

I admit, I was not getting enough hugs in MN and I missed that contact. I know I need it.

One of the Instant Friends I made in TX was R. From the minute we met I thought she was so cool – a Phd who happened to like motorcycles. She rode with her bf, since having children and selling her Ducati. Yes! She once owned a Ducati. I couldn’t believe it. She casually asked if I rode.

“Oh yeah,” I answered, failing to mention the last time was in 1974 and that happened to also be the first time. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything.

“Would you want to go on the back of K’s bike?” K. was a good buddy to her bf.


So, a few weeks later, we tooled around the Sam Houston National for a thrill and a perfect Saturday.

Then when R. and her bf couldn’t go, K. asked me to join him. Yes, we hit 90 mph. Yes, I spent much of the time holding on and dreaming about how I could buy a bike and get it back to MN using my wages from the internship.

That is not all.

Sometime in July or August I was sent into the field, which involved leaving the Houston/Conroe area where my new buds were located. I wanted the field work, but was still letting the Lord know it was lonely being me.

I was heard.

K. asked if he could come down and visit one weekend. I said sure. Plans developed. What did I want to do? How about movies and dinner, I suggested. After hard hat and steel-toes all day I wanted to put on a sundress. K showed up, took me to dinner and a movie. I wore a dress.

Here is where it could have been really awkward. We were friends and I had told him I had a suite, so he could spend the night and we would each have a bed.

He suggested we share.

“I don’t think I’m ready for anything more,” knowing most men don’t want to hear that.

We could just hold each other, he suggested.

I think I squealed. “REALLY?”

Oh God. Thank you. What a sweet night. His beard on my cheek. His hairy arms, just his scent. More importantly, he was trustworthy.

And so cuddly.

By Catstrav

Reindeer handler. NDT tech. Mother of four. Aspiring astronaut.

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